Elmbrook Church Monday Night Golf League And June Open

General League Information

   This is an informal men’s league, designed to bring men together to share time and build relationships.  You do not have to be a member or attender of Elmbrook Church to participate.  Elmbrook pastors speak to the group three times during this season following our meal.


  • League and Open information will be available during the season at this website
  • Paying registration for the league and Open is at the Elmbrook Church website in the Men’s Ministry- http://elmbrook.org/mensgolf/
  • We play at Western Lakes, W287 N1963 Oakton Rd., Pewaukee. Ph. (262) 691-0900
  • http://www.westernlakes.com
  • Please arrive on time 5:00p.  We depart to our starting holes at 5:10p.  Shotgun start is at 5:15.
  • The league fee is $270 for the season.  Dinner is provided each evening by Saz’s for $5.  Dinner is free to Elmbrook men on pastor evenings.
  • Teams consist of 5 men, with 4 playing each week, except for all playing first and last Monday of the season, so one man sits out each week from your team.  Fee is based on each player sitting out 3 times during the season.
  • Play begins April 15.  The first week all five players play and is designed for members to get to know one another and become familiar with the course.  We do not play on Memorial Day or week of July 4.
  • The final week is a scramble and all 5 men again play
  • We alternate playing the front nine one week and the back nine the next
  • Individuals can sub for other teams on weeks they are not playing
  • If an individual from another team subs, please note the home team on the scorecard and note he is a sub.
  • Team captains are appointed and are responsible to determine who plays each week.
  • David Kaiser will provide team rosters and starting hole assignments and general communications to the league
  • If a team needs a sub for a week, please contact David Kaiser at dkaiser@wi.rr.com and he will contact other captains and/or players to assist
  • The captain is responsible to turn in 4 individual scores totaled for nine holes played to the league scorekeeper, noting the team number on the card
  • Modified stabbleford handicap is utilized on league maintained excel score sheet
  • The max strokes per hole is double par.  If you reach this score on an individual hole please pick up to move play along.
  • Please use care to start scoring on the proper hole for which you start play
  • If you are new to the league please provide your average score for nine holes to calculate handicap
  • Returning members will have a handicap calculated from the prior year
  • The league encourages a fast pace of play.  Please keep up with the group in front of you, do not spend too much time searching for lost balls, do not take excessive time on the green, etc.
  • Local and USGA rules apply.  No mulligans.
  • Each team is assigned a start hole which varies from week to week.  Take a cart out to your start hole to speed play and ride it back in after play.  Carts may be purchased to ride if desired and are typically $6-7.
  • Each week it is planned that there will be a hole event with prizes awarded on pastor speaking evenings.
  • Also, the league may have several “mixers” during the season to encourage men to meet one another and to provide play variety
  • Modest prizes are awarded at end of season to top scoring teams and individuals